SYNERDRIVE is the Kenersys synergetic drive train technology that combines the advantages of an improved distributed drive train architecture with the electrical design features of direct drive turbines.


Three highly reliable on-shore turbines with a conservative mechanical drive train and a unique electrical architecture fulfilling all modern grid requirements and harsh grid conditions.




Kenersys commissions new wind turbine type K120


With the new type series K120 Kenersys activate the particular customer requests of Wind turbine generators for low wind speed sites.

Aufbau der K120 in Grevesmühlen bei Wismar

With the commissioning of the new wind turbine type K120 at the “Grevesmuehlen” site near the production plant in Wismar (Baltic Sea, Germany) Kenersys has taken an important step forward in its product development.

„The Kenersys K120 with 2.3MW near the city of Grevesmuehlen is an important milestones of our strategy to develop optimized onshore wind turbines for low wind speed sites”, Markus Becker, CTO of the Kenersys Group, explains. At the IEC compliant site Grevesmuehlen, where three Kenersys turbines of the types K82, K100 and K110 are already operated, Kenersys has the possibilities to perform measurement campaigns with the in Wismar manufactured K120, such as a power curve test.

„The K120 is based on our proven 2.5MW platform und thus a further enhancement of the K100 and K110 wind turbines that have been installed more than 40 times. Of course the K120 fulfills the highest grid requirements, such as the latest SDL WindV-requirements”, Markus Becker continues. With the use of the SYNERDRIVE TECHNOLOGY, that combines the advantages of a robust mechanical drive train concept with a unique electrical architecture, the K120 fulfils all modern grid requirements and easily copes with harsh grid and climate conditions. Therefore this turbine fits to the world wide markets”, Benno Sandmann, Head of Sales of Kenersys Europe adds.

While implementing this project, Kenersys again paid attention on cooperation with local partners. The towers, for instance, are supplied by the company KGW from Schwerin, the civil works were undertaken by Bau-Union Wismar.

The K120 is operated by JeKa Wind GmbH from Sternberg, Mecklenburg.