SYNERDRIVE is the Kenersys synergetic drive train technology that combines the advantages of an improved distributed drive train architecture with the electrical design features of direct drive turbines.


Three highly reliable on-shore turbines with a conservative mechanical drive train and a unique electrical architecture fulfilling all modern grid requirements and harsh grid conditions.



Bright prospects with TAILORMADE SERVICES

As part of the Kalyani Group which is a successful wind farm operator since 1998 we have a vast operational expertise and provide turn-key solutions from concept to commissioning. Due to the raising sector of IPPs we also offer the full range of turbine supply and further more a transparent O&M concept which allows you to choose a service that fits your requirements from SERVICES ON DEMAND up to FULL SERVICE.

Our Project Development Services are:

·         Identification of suitable land and installation of wind masts at site

·         Wind Mapping and Micrositing of locations using WaSP and Windpro software

·         Supply of Kenersys turbines, towers, controller and transformer at your site

·         Complete civil works including foundation, building approach roads to the site

·         Complete electrical works including construction of transmission lines, building power evacuation facilities

·         Erection and commissioning of the wind turbine

·         Complete liaisoning with nodal agencies / utilities

·         Execution of PPA’s

·         Assisting customer for CER trading