SYNERDRIVE is the Kenersys synergetic drive train technology that combines the advantages of an improved distributed drive train architecture with the electrical design features of direct drive turbines.


Three highly reliable on-shore turbines with a conservative mechanical drive train and a unique electrical architecture fulfilling all modern grid requirements and harsh grid conditions.


KENERSYS – An Ideal Partner for Growth

KENERSYS is a specialist for onshore multi-megawatt turbines especially developed for low and medium wind speed sites, a market segment that will drive the future growth in the relevant wind markets all over the world.

The KENERSYS Headquarters and GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER are based in Muenster (Germany). KENERSYS has two full-scale production facilities in Wismar (Germany) and Baramati (India) with a total annual capacity of 950 MW.

The company was originally established in 2003 as a design and consulting company for leading wind turbine and component manufacturers.

Since 2007 KENERSYS is a full-scale turbine manufacturer, with more than 400 years of expert knowledge at the KENERSYS GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER in Germany. This unique technical competence gives the company a reliable technology base for expanding its position in the wind turbine market.

KENERSYS has a strong management with longstanding history in providing wind turbine solutions, leveraging the strength of its shareholders – the global manufacturing and supply chain expertise of the Kalyani Group.