SYNERDRIVE is the Kenersys synergetic drive train technology that combines the advantages of an improved distributed drive train architecture with the electrical design features of direct drive turbines.


Three highly reliable on-shore turbines with a conservative mechanical drive train and a unique electrical architecture fulfilling all modern grid requirements and harsh grid conditions.


Innovation, Passion and Pioneering Spirit

At KENERSYS, we have brought together engineering specialists, logistics, manufacturing and project management experts, sales professionals and administrators with one common objective: to develop, produce and market high quality, highly efficient and highly reliable wind turbines.

We have a passion for what we do – and we believe that is visible in our products, our service and our team.

Our source is the vast expertise in the wind industry, innovation lies at our heart. With entities in Germany and India we seek to be a preferred renewable energy solutions provider committed to a cleaner environment worldwide.

KENERSYS will achieve this vision by offering technically and commercially competitive wind energy products and services. We are fully committed to the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

And we are to create a preferred work place for our employees through a culture of care and pioneering spirit.