SYNERDRIVE is the Kenersys synergetic drive train technology that combines the advantages of an improved distributed drive train architecture with the electrical design features of direct drive turbines.


Three highly reliable on-shore turbines with a conservative mechanical drive train and a unique electrical architecture fulfilling all modern grid requirements and harsh grid conditions.



Economics of Wind Power

Wind power is the world’s fastest-growing energy source and a vital part of mankind’s response to the global warming and security of future energy supplies.

The market grew by about 6% compared to 2010 and the 40.5 GW of new wind power brought on line last year are equal to an investment of €50 billion.
The new global total of 2011 amounts to approx. 238 GW, which conforms a cumulative market growth of more than 20%, a respectable figure for any industry in these economic climate.

With feed-in-tariffs or green-certificate systems being in place in many countries, there is steady global demand for emission-free wind power that can be installed quickly and almost everywhere in the world. In contrast to other generation sources, the price for the fuel needed over the total lifetime of a wind turbine is well known: it is zero.


Top 10 Cumulative Installed Capacity 2011